My Take

Dandelions are Just Dandy Is it just a weed or is it an underappreciated flower? I’m talking about the dandelion, that early spot of bright yellow that is often the first flower to appear after all the browns of winter. Yes, it is a flowering plant. Dandelions get their bad reputation by being masters of their domain, which is your yard. And mine. They thrive, despite our cluster-bombs of herbicides, constant digging out, and feverish mowing. The mowing actually works in the dandelion’s favor by dispersing their many thousands of seeds on days when the winds aren’t already doing it. Dandelions have mastered human and nature to their advantage. Until recently, I’ve been a dandelion opponent. I’ve dug them out, plucked their flowers in uncountable numbers, mowed them, drenched them in noxious chemicals, and even tried electrocuting them. Nothing worked. Then I read that, for many honeybees, which are in the process of disappearing, dandelions are their first chance to feed after fasting all winter. I love bees so now I love dandelions too. I’ve stopped mowing them and pinching their heads off. I welcome them each spring and I may start a dandelion garden. Turns out, dandelions are flowers!